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[Fwd: Did Dinos Soar? LACM 3/21/99

Forwarded with permission from sci.bio.paleontology
Jim Klein said:
As of last Friday they still had about 300 seats left.

>> On Sunday, March 21 at 2pm, A Dialog between Dr Jack Horner and Dr
>> Larry Martin will be held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural
>> History. This is open to the puplic, there are plenty of seats
>> available and it will be help in the Jean Delacour Auditorium.
>> I'm one of the LACM volunteers and so I thought I'd post this here for
>> anyone interested. For reservations, call 213-763-3534 or Fax
>> 213-744-1042. This is being put on by the museum's education dept.

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