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indiscriminate snipping ahead
On Mon, 15 Mar 1999 darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
> This thing about carcharodontosaurids being close relatives of 
> abelisaurids is, in my opinion, poorly supported. It's Fernando 
> favour of this relationship: all are seen in both abelisaurids and 
> carcharodontosaurids. However, these characters are also seen in 
> tyrannosaurids. If diagrams of _Aublysodon_ and _Shanshanosaurus_ 
> (whatever its current status) are to be trusted, aublysodonts 
> (=shanshanosaurines) lack rugose nasals and postorbitals. 
> Aublysodonts and tyrannosaurines like _Gorgosaurus libratus_ also 
> show that the tyrannosaurid orbit is not, ancestrally, invaded by 
> the postorbital process in tyrannosaurids, yet this condition seems 
> to have convergently evolved in _Tyrannosaurus_ and _'Albertosaurus' 
> arctunguis_ (though this might be arguable - please comment if so).
> More important is that carcharodontosaurids share far more characters 
> with other allosauroids than they do with abelisaurids. See Holtz 

Do you guys enter all these names into your spell checkers, or
do you have macros, or what. Or are you just used to rattling these
long names off without even thinking?

Frankly, I'm impressed.