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Re: Super glues

In a message dated 99-03-14 22:17:14 EST, you write:

 Fossil preparator/achivist/conserator Sally Shelton probably
 has the most clout in this subject.  I have been saving her
 posts over the last 6 years regarding the subject of what glues/
 hardeners/consolidants are "okay" to use on fossils. >>

  Amen, brother! Don't forget Dan Chaney, too.
  About ten years ago, cyanoacrylates were the greatest invention since sliced
bread, especially with the fossils I worked with from the Sharon Springs
Member of the Pierre Shale that are often just smelly pieces of fragile crap.
After several years and many upbraidings by the aforementioned preparators
(and others) we have gone back to the ever reversable Butvar. And it works
fine and we are collecting more than ever and it probably is in better shape.
Dan Varner.
   P.S. I was one of those knuckleheads creating glue sarcophagi, and, believe
me, I learned my lesson. Hell hath no fury like a preparator who spent a
weekend (or two) cleaning up a stupid mess you made.