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Re: Pure predation

> On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Michael Teuton wrote:

> Well, my last post on a subject already beat to death (LOL), but even death
> comes to different organs and cells at different intervals.  So when does an
> animal really die, much less become carrion?  And my ribeyes I eat are dead
> meat but I sure don't consider them carrion.  I think it can be reasonably
> argued that at some point in time after death, the carcass becomes carrion.
> It is no longer a fresh kill.  Hmmmm, think I'll char some mammal meat over
> the flame pit.  What special adaptations would dinosaurs have to be carrion
> eaters?  

Perhaps we could look to extant animals for the answer.  My guess is that
there would have to be some sort of immunological adaptation, and perhaps
special alimentary tract specializations as tighter epithelial barriors
and chemical environments hostile to the bacteria that make meat turn
into carrion, if that's the defining characteristic of the latter.

> If nobody wants to talk about it, I'll understand since the subject
> stinks.  ROTFLOL at my own jokes.  OOPS, too many ETOH calories.

Been there, done that!




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