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Re: Poekilopleuron

To: dinosaur@usc.edu
From: Ben Creisler (bh480@scn.org)

Subject: RE: Poekilopleuron

Vielen Dank to Thomas Hammann for spreading the news about the
possible new Poekilopleuron material. Here are some additional
details for those who are interested:
The full article appeared in the March 2, 1999 (Tuesday) edition
of the French newspaper Liberation on page 25, citing an official
announcement made on Thursday, Feb. 25, 1999. The article uses
three silhouettes of theropods to show the bones documented for
Buckland's Megalosaurus, Eudes-Deslongchamps' 1838 description of
Poekilopleuron and the new finds from Normandy. According to the
illustration, the new finds include most of a skull (missing the
cheek region) and most of the dentary; cervical and dorsal ribs,
a dorsal vertebra; parts of a femur, tibia and fibula, and parts
of the sternum. The specimen is described as "young" (subadult I assume)
and thus smaller than the type specimen of Poekilopleuron.
Unfortunately for now at least, there appear to be no matching
bones between the specimens that could confirm the identification as
Poekilopleuron, though the dentary could be compared with
Megalosaurus I suppose.