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Re: Pure predation

Michael Teuton wrote:

<What special adaptations would dinosaurs have to be carrion eaters?
If nobody wants to talk about it, I'll understand since the subject

  Well, let's think about it; carrion feeders typically have very
short or no head integument, either short bristly hairs as in jackals
or bald heads in vultures that typically stick their heads in the
bodies they're feeding on. Very long anterior "plucking" adaptations
such as a hooked beak or long teeth. Since this is pretty much
universal for carnivorous (i.e. predatory) birds and mammals, I doubt
it is really significant. A long neck (jackals and vultures) and very
narrow and/or long head or snout. Very prevalent in chiefly
carrion-feeders, rather than in chiefly fresh or own-prey feeders.

  Yum yum.

  Chiefly fresh or own-prey feeders vary much differently, due to the
speciallized prey they go after, so I doubt these need to be accounted
for (at least _here and now_) and in some cases (fish-eaters, anyone?)
are dead, dead, rotting horses.

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