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In a message dated 3/15/99 11:46:31 AM Eastern Standard Time,
darren.naish@port.ac.uk writes:

<<  Rugosity of the dorsal 
 surface of the nasals, invasion of the orbit by a rostral process of 
 the postorbital bar and I think rugosity on the dorsal surface of the 
 postorbital are some of the characters that have been advanced in 
 favour of this relationship: all are seen in both abelisaurids and 
 carcharodontosaurids. However, these characters are also seen in 
 other theropods (notably tyrannosaurids) and that they are -probably- 
 associated with social behaviour makes them somewhat suspicious as 
 ostensibly shared characters.  >>

Social behaviors?  As opposed to display?  Please elucidate.  Thanks.