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Re: Question

Pat Norton wrote:

<I feel as bit foolish posting this, but I can't find an answer
anywhere. Generally, when a reptile is depicted with its mouth open
(dino's included) a flap of skin is usually shown stretching between
its upper and lower jaws near the joint. That membrane is present in
extant reptiles, but what is it called? What is its purpose?>

  Two muscles support the structure, one from the antorbital fenestra
to the bottom of the internal mandibular fenestra (and visible on the
side of the external fenestra) that pulls the jaw up and forward (the
_M. pterygoideus_); the second from the parietal to the coronoid area
of the upper jaw edge (or coronoid process in ornithschians and
possibly therizinosauroids) that pulled the jaw up and back (the _M.

  At least as far as I know.

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