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Re: Biggest predators

In a message dated 3/17/99 1:22:51 AM EST, veselinka.stanisavac@siol.net

<< If Deinocheirus had termites on its menu (pure speculation) the shape of
 claws would have been perfect for opening up their mounds.
 If Deinocheirus was herbivorous, its hands would have served for grasping
 branches, regardless of the relatively less rounded curvature of its claws,
 using also the opposed first finger. Its claws would have been a great
 defensive weapon against Tarbosaurus, too - although it would have rather
 tried to flee - to outrun the tyrannosaur. >>

I had the opportunity in Los Angeles to compare Deinocheirus forelimbs with a
Tarbosaurus skeleton practically side by side in the same room. You can
estimate relative sizes of upper-body cavities by comparing lengths and
curvatures of scapulae. Let me tell you, Deinocheirus >dwarfed< Tarbosaurus,
if the cast skeletons on display have anything to do with reality.