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Re: Biggest predators

Thomas Holtz wrote:

>While tyrannosaurids are coelurosaurs, the abelisaur affinity of
>_Giganotosaurus_ and _Caracharodontosaurus_ has not been the result of any
>published phylogenetic analysis.  There *ARE* abudant potential cranial
>synapomorphies between _Gig._ and _Carch._ and _Carnotaurus_ and
>_Abelisaurus_ (and especially beteween _Carch._ and _Abel._).  However,
>additional evidence better supports a carnosaurian position for _Gig._ and
>_Carch._.  Stay tuned for further info: more on _Carch._, _Gig._, and their
>relatives to come up in a couple of different papers in 1999.

Let me get my paleogeography straight. S. America was connect to N. America
via a Carribean connection, right? N. America was in turn, connected to
Europe (through Greenland?), which itself was connected to Africa (via
Gibraltar, the Atlas range?). So if the _Gig._ and _Carch._ clade evolved
in either S. America or Africa, the beasts must have traversed N. America
and Europe to reach the other continent. So, are there genera in N. America
and Europe that would belong to this clade and provide evidence for this
transcontinental migration?

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau