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RE: Deinocheirus

Message from Thomas Hammann (Germany)

Hi all,

I don't want to confuse you, but I just found another source which could make 
the "Deinocheirus-Question" even more complicated.
In a German nature-magazine from July 1993 is a report of a German/Mongolian 
expedition to the Gobi desert with the headline "The cemetery of the dragons" 
(GEO, No.7/July, 1993, p. 34-58). In one passage the author Uwe George wrote:

 "(...) The creature was named _Deinocheirus_ , which means 'terrible hand'. 
Maybe the 50 cm(!) long sabre-like foot-claw with it's two 'blood-grooves' 
was found at the place of our camp belonged to this animal."

I think that I've never heard of this mysterious "foot-claw" again. The article 
also doesn't explain where and when this claw was exactly found. Maybe there's 
someone who knows more about that?

Greetings from Germany,
Thomas Hammann