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Re: Biggest predators

Dan Varner wrote:

>   One item missing from dinosaur life restorations are termite
mounds. I just
> thought I'd run that idea up the flagpole as a possible reason for
> claws. Dan Varner.
How would an animal the size of Deinocheirus (or Therizinosaurus, for
that matter) separate the termites from the mound?  Would it just
swallow chunks of mound and rely on its digestion?

Were termites abundant in Cretaceous Mongolia anyway?

A herbivorous Deinocheirus could easily find food, but it would have
problems digesting it.  If (other?) ornithomimids are any guide, it
couldn't chew, so a big digestive system would be needed.  

But that would slow it down.  I would imagine Deinocheirus relied on
speed for defence.  Those hands look dangerous to you and me, but I
doubt they'd deter a Tarbosaurus.  

My theory is that Deinocheirus used its arms to kill large dinosaurs
by throwing Velociraptors at them.  Which explains the evolution of

Seriously, I think it would eat anything big enough to pick up or bite
off, small enough to swallow and nutritious enough to digest easily. 
Small animals, and perhaps cones or whatever kind of fruits and seeds
were available then.

Bill Adlam
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