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Fwd: dinosaurs in montana

List members:
Perhaps some of you could help this young lady with her request for
information regarding Late Jurassic dinosaur localities in Montana.  
I'm afraid I am not much help to her since all my localities are Late
Cretaceous.  Since she does not subscribe to the dinosaur list, please
reply to her off list at: rebecca_goehring@hotmail.com

Thank you!
Vickie Clouse

---Rebecca Goehring <rebecca_goehring@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Ms. Clouse,
> My name is Rebecca Goehring and I am a senior in high school.  Next 
> year, I am attending NC State and majoring in geology with an earth 
> systems history (paleontology) concentration.  I plan to study
> the rest of my life and loved your camp idea in Montana.  You may be 
> wondering why I am writing you, though.
> For a special project as a part of a mentorship class I am in, I am 
> using ArcView 3.0a to plot sites of Late Jurassic dinosaurs.  
> Unfortunately, actual locations of digs is very difficult to find.  I 
> can understand this, as scientists do not want people coming and 
> stealing fossil finds.  I have the utmost respect for their rights to 
> these finds, but as it is, it leaves me with little actual
> and sites to plot on this program.  I am writing everyone I can
think of 
> about this (I just have to find a way to contact Dr. Horner and Dr. 
> Bakker), and so far there has been little or no response.  If it is 
> possible for you to send me information on dino digs and the type of 
> dinos found there, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you for your 
> time.
> sincerely,
> Rebecca Goehring
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Vickie Clouse
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