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Disney and Museums

>The latest....
>No Songs.
>It's hard to imagine a velociraptor that doesn't break out into an aria
>at moments of high drama, but I guess one can live with it.

But I hope you realize the velociraptor IS going to talk like Eddie 
Murphy. It's going to be quite a moment when all those poor artists at 
Disney who labored for ten years over the realism of their CGI dinosaurs 
first hear their hero talking with Leonard DiCaprio's voice (bet you a 
buck off list) and the T Rex talking like Stallone as Rocky Balboa. 
"Realism." Well, the Taco Bell Chihuahua is realistic, if you just talk 
about the image.... Look, it's not for us, it's for kids out on summer 
vacation. Which is why, in the end, it's important that SOME part of the 
museum just be for us. Remember Stephen J Gould's essay on Museums vs. 
Theme Parks? Hits all the issues we've been discussing. 

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