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Let's all go to T-Rex Camp!

I think that a few adult dinosaur fans should invade this camp, just to
even the score.
"Adventures in Learning: Community College of Philadelphia Will Offer 
the NASA SpaceCamp and Smithsonian T-Rex Camp This Summer"

PHILADELPHIA, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- This summer, Delaware Valley 
parents can send their children on an out-of-this-world adventure that lifts-
right here in Philadelphia.

The Smithsonian T-Rex camp explores one of the most fascinating 
periods of life on Earth -- the Mesozoic Era -- the age of dinosaurs. 
 The Smithsonian T- Rex camp, with the help of Smithsonian scientists,
 transports youngsters to the time when dinosaurs ruled.  While the children
are at play, they write, read and even use math skills.  In an independent 
study conducted of the Smithsonian/Voyager summer adventure, 77 percent 
of students gained in academic performance.