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Re: Let's all go to T-Rex Camp!

T-Rex Camp sounds like a very good hook to teach kids the three R's, but it
doesn't sound much at all like the hardware intensive "virtual NASA training"
experience of Space Camp, whose name it obviously resembles.  Maybe we need a
lengthier description of the program.

I hope the students aren't disappointed when they discover that they won't be
donning Godzilla gear and battling opponents to the death.  (JOKE; I couldn't
help it).

The Smithsonian pedigree should ensure up-to-date information and access to a
wide array of specimens, at any rate.  I'd go for it!  As an aside, my neighbor
in 8th grade remarked that she hasn't had any dinosaur science taught in the
classroom since the 2nd grade.  And I'm sure that such an omission applies
equally to other prehistoric life forms.  C'mon, now!  Is there no value in
natural history?  How can we as a society expect future generations to respect
and take care of the natural world on which we so depend if they know nothing
about it?  (Froth, froth).  All that evolution; all the struggle and suffering
over billions of years ... where does our respect for life on earth fit into the

Ralph W. Miller III  <gbabcock@best.com>

"Now we come to the dinosaurs.  No living descendants!  On to mammals..."