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Re: Youngest dino remains

I'm confused. What sort of information did the finds from China provide that
caused the extinction question to be "rendered
silly"?? I hope you are not suggesting that just because dinosaurs and birds
are related, the K/T extinction is moot because birds survived! If you are,
let me point out to you that other organisms bought the farm at the K/T, not
just 'non avian dinosaurs'. I'd still like to know what killed ammonites and
mosasaurs off, too.  If I've missed your point, please elaborate.

-Sherry Michael

>Since the DEFINITIVE proofs that birds are dinosaurs
>offered by the recent finds in China, the question of what
>caused the extinction of the dinosaurs has been rendered
>silly and questions about whether large non-avian dinosaur >species  may
have survived for short times has lost its >punch.G. Derkits

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