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Consolidants and glues -Reply

I was going to write an operetta called The Pyrites of Penzance, but I got 
caught and they made me stop....

No, sad to say, no coating or consolidant will do much for active pyrite 
oxidation. Low RH will slow the process, and that's about all that really 
works. If it's already oxidizing, low means LOW: ~30% or less (how low can you 
go?). You can use silica gel to maintain a controlled internal 
microenvironment, or saturated salt, or mechanical systems attached to cases, 
or ship everything to Lubbock. But it's a humidity-driven reaction and will 
accelerate exponentially with higher RH. Coatings and consolidants will 
continue to let atmospheric water in, so they don't really help.

If you need more details, let me know. Good luck.

Sally Shelton
Collections "Book 'em, Dano" Officer