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RE: Youngest dino remains

The present best picture is not "dinosaurs and birds are related"
but "birds are dinosaurs". 
The K-T extinction event certainly occurred and was enormously 
important in the evolution of life on earth, but it did not
cause dinosaurs to go extinct. I think Dingus and Rowe
make the point that from the late Triassic up to the present day, 
the number of dinosaur species has always outnumbered 
the number of mammal species. 
My point about "lost its punch" refers to the mass appeal
of the notion that dinosaurs were successful for millions
of years and then vanished without a trace. The stark
contrast of a world dominated by dinosaurs followed 
in a flash by a world entirely without dinosaurs has been 
blurred by distinctions implicit in terms like "non-avian dinosaurs"
which are more the concern of specialists and members
of the dinosaur mailing list than of the general public.
Lots of good recent work shows a much more complex
picture of events occuring prior to the famous clay layer,
which has to be sorted out in detail.
G. Derkits
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> I'm confused. What sort of information did the finds from China provide
> that
> caused the extinction question to be "rendered
> silly"?? I hope you are not suggesting that just because dinosaurs and
> birds
> are related, the K/T extinction is moot because birds survived! If you
> are,
> let me point out to you that other organisms bought the farm at the K/T,
> not
> just 'non avian dinosaurs'. I'd still like to know what killed ammonites
> and
> mosasaurs off, too.  If I've missed your point, please elaborate.
> -Sherry Michael
> >Since the DEFINITIVE proofs that birds are dinosaurs
> >offered by the recent finds in China, the question of what
> >caused the extinction of the dinosaurs has been rendered
> >silly and questions about whether large non-avian dinosaur >species  may
> have survived for short times has lost its >punch.G. Derkits
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