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Re: hunting strategies

It is probable that big dinosaurs used trees to travel through dense
underbrush like jaguars or to sleep in like leopards.  It is possible
that big carnivores may have stored meat in trees out of the reach of
smaller predators like leopards do however no evidence for this
whatsoever has been perserved... (however it is yet another motivation
for smaller dinosaurs to be arborial).  It's probable that large
carniovores staked out waterholes and made kills as animals came to
drink (as most of the larger modern carnivores do).  It's very difficult
to imagine 'hiding in the underbrush' for a 15+ foot tall animal in any

-Betty Cunningham

T Hammann wrote:
> if I compare big theropods with big cats of today I'm asking myself if they 
> had
> also different hunting strategies as the modern top-predators. For example 
> these
> strategies depend much on the environment (open landscapes; rainforests;
> mountains, deserts and so on...). Is there a theory of different hunting
> strategies of dinosaur-species like T.Rex, Giganotosaurus or 
> Carcharodontosaurus
> which, as I think, lived also in different environments?

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