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Re: Dino wrists (was Re: Thero palms...)

>At 12:45 PM 3/19/99 PST, Kevin "Brontotherium" Hedgpeth wrote:
>>My question is this: is there some general consensus as to the range 
>>wrist articulation in various theropod groups?  That is, what kind of 
>>wrist mobility is suggested for a T. rex? or an allosaurid? or a 
>As noted earlier, both Sereno and Galton (and a few others, actually) 
>coming out with papers on this topic in the near future.  Patience.
>Incidentally, in case nobody else has posted it, I finally found that 
>following paper is out:
>Carrano, M.T.  1999.  What, if anything, is a cursor?  Categories 
>continua for determining locomotor habit in mammals and dinosaurs.  
>of Zoology (London) 247: 29-42.

Thanks for the response!

It begs another question: what are the sources for the many papers and 
journals that are often referred to on this list?  Where can one acquire 
them?  I am an SVP member, so I receive all of their material, but I am 
unfamiliar with where I can get other significant scientific writings 
regarding dinosaurs.

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