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Emu Dissection

hmmm...wonder if i spelt that right?...oh anyways..

Yesterday, I started on my emu i started on the left leg and am working my
way up.  So far I have removed the....skin around the foot and leg.  I
completly removed the unfeathered portion of the skin.( metacarpels
and...long bone above that...tarsels?...not famlier with bird anatomy yet)
anyways that portion of the leg is filled with tendons and large blood
vessels.  I started to go up the tib/fib and femor and exposed those
muscles, some very big drumsticks there.  thats all for yesterday.  Today I
will hopefully have the skin complety removed and the rest of the muscles
removed.  I am making one for the college and  I have another own for my own
use.  I will update this later one.  Hopefully this has something to do with
the list if not... umm... dinosaurs, theropod feet and muscluature....does
that work?


Paleo Mont Research

Paleo Mont Park

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldnt be called research, would it?" A.

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