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Re: Thero palms, Prehistoric Times, and grants

Ralph W. Miller III (gbabcock@best.com) wrote: 

> A _Prehistoric Times_ article (same issue) by Don Lessem discusses 
> The Jurassic Foundation (formerly known as "The Jurassic Park 
> Foundation"), a new nonprofit organization established to fund international
> dinosaur research.  The scientist-dominated foundation board, including its
> chairman, Dr. Philip Currie, is entirely volunteer, to ensure that money
> received goes to research grants, to be funded in amounts up to $5,000.   
> Dr. Currie is president of the foundation; Cathy Forster and Jack Horner 
> are on the Board of Directors.  Unlike The Dinosaur Society, there are no
 > publications under way at this time, nor is there any funding for artists
> education, but these are possible in the future.  The first deadline for
> proposals was January 15, 1999.  The foundation derives most of its money
> from revenues provided by the Jurassic Park/Lost World exhibit.  There 
> was, unfortunately, no contact information provided in the article.

There are a number of volunteers working on setting up the foundation,
and a website is in the process of being created.  More information 
will be forthcoming.  The foundation was announced in October at an
SVP luncheon.

The Jurassic Foundation's address is:
1201 Second Avenue West
Drumheller, AB TOJ OY2 Canada
e-mail:  pcurrie@mcd.gov.ab.ca  (Use this to request a J.F.application--
this isn't his personal e-mail.)