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OK.  Back from Egypt and back into the fire, I guess (Holtz, drop me a 
line, we need to talk...).

Matt Lamanna and I were in Mexico in September and began a redecription 
of the _Labocania_ material in the Geological Institute of the University 
of Mexico.

I think you should all be extremely cautious in using this critter to try 
and support any phylogenetic hypotheses.  It is, I am sorry to say, kind 
of a piece of junk.  If there hadn't been a tooth sticking out of it, the 
maxilla would have been almost impossible to identify.  No exaggeration.  
This is a very scrappy specimen.
And the frontal that Molnar described, which was about the most diagnostic
piece of the animal, is not in Mexico City and is not at the LACM either...

I would suggest that anyone interested in thinking about _Labocania_ or 
where it fits emailing Matt (lamanna@sas.upenn.edu).


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