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RE: youngest dino-remains

On Saturday, March 20, 1999 6:16 PM, Stanley Friesen 
[SMTP:sarima@ix.netcom.com] wrote:

> Not at all.  The extinction was still one of Big Five, and outside of the
> avian clade, it wiped out all dinosaurs.  A causal explanation for this is
> indeed very interesting, even *with* the survival of *one* clade of 
> As to the post-Cretaceous teeth, there are numerous such above the Hell
> Creek in Montana, mostly theropod and ceratopsian. (Which is as expected
> for redeposited teeth).

Nor would post-KT dinosaurs disprove the Alvarez scenario, even if found. 
 Since this is a repeat of a discussion we had not so long ago, I'll simply add 
that the impact could have killed by immediate physical effects, or much 
longer-term ecological effects, or any combination of both.

  --Toby White