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Fwd: Emu 2

K. Wicks accidently sent this to me instead of the list and with  
permission I am sending this to the list.

From: "Paleo Mont" <paleo_mont@excite.com>

Today I finished the dissection.  A few things I noticed were:

9 inch femur, and over twice as long tib/fib.  The patella was all
cartilage.  Oh yes those powerful 9inch apx wings of theirs... very 
muscle attachments. Not even sure if they actually move their wings... 
does anyone on the list now?  When I went to get my to birds I didnt see 
them move it.  On the integument(skin)outside of the sternum, there was 
a solid patch of keratinized skin.  Is this used as a protection or  
skid plate in case it trips? :?)   On the trachea there was 3 inch by 1 
inch opening...(in a neat pattern)  and an air sac.  Obviously this is 
were they make there vocalizations.  Does anyone know or have disected 
an allagator or crocodile... to see if they have a similar opening for 
vocalization?  Oh yes.... the lungs.. they were packed up inbetween the 
ribs nice and neat like...I am guess ing that, when the ribs move back 
and forth during running this helps the bird breathe more/better , like 
an extra diaphram.  Also in non-avain dinosaurs, is there any specimens 
that this could have also happenend with them?

Well that is all on the emu.  I will have practice dissecting them soon, 
since the one I am working on right now is for the college, I have 
another one that I will use for my own theropod model, and this summer I 
will be working with D.Trexler and going over muscle attachements.  plus 
I may also become a owner of 1 or more emus.(free or a small payment) 



Paleo Mont Park

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldnt be called research, would 
it?" A. Einstein

Matt Troutman 
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