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Re: up!up!up!and away!


    >"As one goes up the phylogenic scale, complexity increases".

    This refers back to the old idea of evolution as a ladder, with human
beings at the top!  The truth is that there were some very complex animals
that we humans view as not so advanced.  (We humans are very egocentric, and
tend to view the universe as having been created in order to produce us!).

    We can speak of primitive and advanced forms of animals, but only in
terms of characters that the animals have  - for example the basal form of
an animal is that one that fits all the MINIMUM definitions of the clade,
the most advanced would be the one that maintains all the characters that
keep it in the clade, yet have the most derived versions of those
characters.  Sometimes a very derived character is actually LESS complex
than the character it is derived from (e.g. fewer claws on manus is
considered more derived, but is less complex).

    Allan Edels