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Re: up!up!up!and away!

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote: As for the comment about Darwin about organisms being 
complex as necessary,

> it is a complete tautology. If organisms were as complex as necessary, then
> there would be no evolution, and we would not be here.

But would it be correct to say that organisms become as complex as necessary to
live in their environment as the environmental challenges change? Isn't that 
was meant by the statement you responded to? I would think that what was meant 
that the evolutionary process produces sufficient complexity for survival, and
rarely more than what is necessary for survival. As environmental conditions
change, the complexity of the species may adapt to ensure survival, but again,
rarely beyond what is necessary for survival. Isn't that why less complex forms
persist-they have achieved the level of complexity they need to survive in their
environment? Am I understanding this right, or am I on the wrong track 
struggling to understand how this is all supposed to work...Chris Srnka