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RE: Coprolites

> Is there a simple, reliable method for determining the presence of
> content in a section of alleged coprolite?

>Powder X-ray diffraction analysis always has worked for me!
>(provided no replacement has occured, there should be nice sharp peaks
>for fossil hyroxy-fluor-apatite).
>Take your sample to the nearest university geology department, and have
>them "zap it" for you.
Is there such a thing a diagenetic hydroxyflourapatite? Could a
phosphate-rich dropping precipitate apatite inside itself? I don't know for
sure but I did think that most coprolites were preserved by phosphatic
mineralisation of the groundmass. If so wouldn't a thin section (looking for
fragments with micro features such as lacunae, haversian canals, etc.) be
more diagnostic? 

Just some thoughts
Adam Yates