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Re: up!up!and away!

Bruce Danz wrote:

> I recall a televised interview with Steven J. Gould...
> Think of evolution as a street and one side of that street is bordered
> by a continuous wall.  The simplest forms of life may be pictured as
> growing next to that wall, and more complex forms of life growing
> further out from the wall.  The more complex the form of life, the
> further from the wall it grows.  Since living things can't get any
> simpler than the simplest living things already next to the wall, the
> development of new organisms will appear to be towards more
> away from the wall, because that is where there is more space.

Yes, that's what Gould says.  His other point is that nearly all of
the species are stacked up against the wall in a very steep pile. 
That is to say, they are bacteria, in the loose sense.

It might be better to consider it a floor rather than a wall, with a
pile of species spreading outwards and occasionally upwards.

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