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RE: Fwd: Emu 2

Actually, its a tibiotarsus, and yes, it should be *much* longer than
the femur!  However, I read this as saying the tibiotarsus was longer,
it doesn't say "over twice as long AS", but "over twice as long".  There
is, however, every possibility that I'M the one reading it wrong!

Yours in possible humility (or glorious revelation),  Lauri

Lauri L. Bartlema
Curatorial Assistant
Conservation Division
Directorate of Environment
Fort Bliss, Texas

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> > Today I finished the (emu) dissection.  A few things I noticed were:
> >
> > 9 inch femur, and over twice as long tib/fib.
> Did I read that right? Shouldn't the femur be much _shorter_ than the
> tibia?
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