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On Mon, 22 Mar 1999 12:59:51 GMT0BST darren.naish@port.ac.uk writes:

>I think we can say that they *certainly* do not belong in the same 
>genus: _C. tashuikouensis_, the type species, is probably a 
>non-coelurosaur (a megalosauroid or a spinosauroid?), while _'C' 
>maortuensis_ was referred to the Maniraptora by Dan Chure (1998). 
> And seeing as _'C' tashuikouensis_ clearly deserves a new generic name,
>wonder if Dan Chure is going to give it one.

Shouldn't the new name go to "C." *maortuensis*, instead of *C.
tashuikouensis*?  I though that since *C. tashuikouensis* is the type
species of *Chilantaisaurus*, it would keep that name, making "C."
*maortuensis* the odd theropod out. -*Thescelosaurus*

>"Let us hope that armadillos can withstand their nemesis better than 
>nodosaurids and most other dinosaurs did theirs"

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