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RE: Larry Martin/Jack Horner "Debate"

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        Subject:        Re: Larry Martin/Jack Horner "Debate"

        "Stewart, Dwight" wrote:
        > Too bad they didn't ask several Paleontologists on this list to
        > Martin. :-)  Or, even Robert Bakker.  But, I sadly, suspect that
no amount
        > of scholarly persuasion could budge the Birds Are Not Dinosaurs
away from
        > their paradigm.
        > But, take heart, we ran into the same problem with that whole
radical, round
        > earth thing 500 years ago.

        We did not.  The whole "radical, round earth thing" was dealt with
        conclusively by Aristotle, well over two thousand years ago.  The
        of the Earth became very apparent once people started to think about
        lunar eclipses; the only debates thereafter dealt with how big the
        was and whether or not it moved.


        :-)!  This is really off topic, but the round earth concept wasn't
accepted in Europe
        by the folks who tended to burn "heretics" at the stake until long
after Aristotle.
        But I agree with you about Aristotle.  Another big paradigm was that
of the Earth
        being the center of whatever: the solar system, the universe,
        Pet theories, believes, dogmas, superstitions, cherished personality
        are difficult nuts to crack.  This is especially true if one has
staked out (pun intended)
        a territory to defend.  But, at its worse, disagreement & scholarly
debate is ultimately
        good for science.   Whether or not it serves to enlighten any given
individual is entirely
        up to them.  Never-the-less, it would be more interesting to me to
hear a number
        of other Paleontologists debate Dr. Martin.  This is taking nothing
away from Dr. Horner.