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Disney's Dinosaur Movie

The following is from the Cool News web site fomr someone who got a grand 
tour of upcoming Disney movies (including Toy Story 2, Fantasia 2000,

The title (singular) is still a working one, as is a round logo showing a
dinosaur in silhouette with a red meteor streaming through the sky.  The
film opens close-up on a rock and as the camera pulls back we can see that
it is a meteor hurtling in the direction of the sun. Then begins an
opening sequence that is nothing short of gob-smacking. It shows an
amazing array of dinosaur life interacting with each other. All the while
the action centres around an egg wbhich is stolen by a dinosaur after its
mother is scared away and lost, dropped in a river and picked up by a
flying dinosur before it is dropped on an island.  Anyway, an Iguanadon
hatches from the egg and is brought up by a pack of lemurs on the island.
Then the metor hits and the Iguanadon heads with the lemurs to mainland
and when he gets there (he has never seen other dinosaurs before) the film
is a journey to escape the devastation of the meteor. Although the
dinosaurs are voiced, this in NOT a musical comedy and they don't break
into song. It is actually quite a thrilling drama. Disney was careful not
to make it a film of extinction, but of hope. The CGI is beyond
description. You will know what I mean when it opens around
Christmas-time. Everyone who has seen its progress has been astounded. The
dinosaurs make Jurassic Park look like crude claymation.  And the opening
scenes and the music and awe-inspiring.  This has definitely set new
boundaries for animation.