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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

Sure the animation is great, but how accurate is it (other than their
speech capabilities)?

Casey T.
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio

> From: Richard W Travsky <rtravsky@uwyo.edu>
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Disney's Dinosaur Movie
> Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 9:14 AM
> The following is from the Cool News web site fomr someone who got a grand

> tour of upcoming Disney movies (including Toy Story 2, Fantasia 2000,
> etc.).
> The title (singular) is still a working one, as is a round logo showing a
> dinosaur in silhouette with a red meteor streaming through the sky.  The
> film opens close-up on a rock and as the camera pulls back we can see
> it is a meteor hurtling in the direction of the sun. Then begins an
> opening sequence that is nothing short of gob-smacking. It shows an
> amazing array of dinosaur life interacting with each other. All the while
> the action centres around an egg wbhich is stolen by a dinosaur after its
> mother is scared away and lost, dropped in a river and picked up by a
> flying dinosur before it is dropped on an island.  Anyway, an Iguanadon
> hatches from the egg and is brought up by a pack of lemurs on the island.
> Then the metor hits and the Iguanadon heads with the lemurs to mainland
> and when he gets there (he has never seen other dinosaurs before) the
> is a journey to escape the devastation of the meteor. Although the
> dinosaurs are voiced, this in NOT a musical comedy and they don't break
> into song. It is actually quite a thrilling drama. Disney was careful not
> to make it a film of extinction, but of hope. The CGI is beyond
> description. You will know what I mean when it opens around
> Christmas-time. Everyone who has seen its progress has been astounded.
> dinosaurs make Jurassic Park look like crude claymation.  And the opening
> scenes and the music and awe-inspiring.  This has definitely set new
> boundaries for animation.