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Re: 'bird' definitions

Bill Adlam wrote:

<<Primitive?  If Triceratops is descended from a small
volant reptile, it is a lot more derived than
Archaeopteryx, or even modern birds.>>

  and Dinogeorge wrote:

<Volant probably not very, but arboreal quite likely.
We're talking about more than 150 million years of
evolution between Triceratops and its arboreal
ancestor, so there is indeed quite a bit of room for

  I don't know if anybody doubts that small
"protoceratopian" ceratopians were arboreal; certainly
it would seem that Microcephalosaurus, Bagaceratops, or
Leptoceratops could scamper about in bush, tree, or
rock (hyrax-morphs!) will ease and skill. These being
more "primitive" than trikes would argue for a
semi-arboreal origin for either the Ceratopia, or even
the Marginocephalia. Certainly the "Hypsilophodontia"
and heterodontosaurs do not counter this and quite a
few of them have nearly the same "semi-arboreal"
adaptations, such as grasping hands, opposed manual
digits (outer digits in this case) very large feet will
recurved claws, stiff or semi-stiffened balancing
tails, small size, etc. _Big_ heads, I'll give you, but
that's something that can be worked around.

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