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Listmember passed away

Reply to:Listmember passed away                              2:19 PM    

 Joel Morris, who was best know in paleontology for his work  with fossil 
cats, passed away on March 22 at age 65 (?).
  About a year and a half ago I posted a plea for help on this list 
concerning a misguided youth who needed to be steered in the right direction 
to  achieve his dream of becoming a paleontologist.  Joel jumped at the 
opportunity to help myself and my friend out.  Over the next year he sent 
much written material and instruction to my friend.  Everyday they talked and 

they built a friendship that bridged a gap of fifty years.  My young friend 
even sent him a fossil cat skull that he purchased from China, and Joel was 
astounded to find that he had a new species.  He was to dedicate a new paper 
to my young friend.  It was profound how much this man was willing to help.  
At times when I felt the future of my friend was hopeless, Joel talked me 
through it.  One night in a small California hotel room, we finally met each 
other.  We talked about going up to Drumheller the next summer and going on a 
dig together, even though we both saw what kind of health Joel was in at the 
time.  From a personal standpoint, he had a profound effect on me and in my 
capacity to try and help those who need guidance.  He was a kind man with a 
colorful  past.  He will be missed.  
  In the years to come when you are in a hotel room party at SVP and the 
subject of who influenced your life comes about, Joel Morris 
will be mentioned by at least two of us.

   David Krentz
Walt Disney Feature Animation