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RE: New Dinosaur Genera

Some of you may be wondering if I don't know the difference between the
plural and singular for genus, given that the "New dino genera" message only
contained one genus. Well I forgot to include another ref that was recently
sent to our lab.

Hunt, A. P., Lucas, S. G., Heckert, A. B., Sullivan, R.M. and Lockley, M. G.
1998. Late Triassic Dinosaurs from the Western United States. Geobios 31, 4:

It contains the descriptions of these two new theropods

Caseosaurus crosbyensis, an herrerasaurid based on an illium originally
referred to Chindesaurus (but which it differs from in some details). 

Camposaurus arizonensis, a small ceratosaur, quite close to Coelophysis
(differing in details of the ankle joint).  

Sorry if this is old news but I don't remember seeing them on Georges
dinosaur list corrections.