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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

Rumor is that they used time machines to photograph real dinos. So, of
from first hand observation they are inerrant in the best sense than any
believer with a perfect vision of the formation of the universe would

But seriously folks, I saw a first hand demonstration of the CG
animation/rendering system (proprietary) used to produce the dinos.

It starts with a skeletal structure. This can be made to move with
"weight" and
with "impact effects."

Then it overlays actual muscle groups which can be controlled
independently by
graphical controls. Although they are attached to the skeletal
structure, the
"bunching" and "flexing" of the muscle groups is controlled by separate
software routines.

The third overlay is a "skin" layer which moves independently (that is
to say
it "slides" on the surface) of the muscles.

Although there are "averaging" routines which, in effect, smooth the
interstices between the various elements, these CG animal renderings are

extraordinarily complex and controllable. They are MORE controllable
than the
routines used to produce the dinos in Jurassic Park and certainly head
shoulders above the dinosaurs produced for T-rex (although the T-rex
dinos are
rendered stereoscopically in a unique way.)

Finally, there is texture mapping. I don't know what the skin textures
based upon, but they do map onto the outer surface of all of these
independently moving elements.

All in all, we're a long way from King Kong. (no offense to Obie.)



Casey wrote:

> Sure the animation is great, but how accurate is it (other than their
> speech capabilities)?
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