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_Jeholodens jenkinsi_, a new triconodont mammal

Nature 398, 326 - 330 (3/25/99) has an article on:
 "A Chinese triconodont mammal and mosaic evolution of the 
mammalian skeleton," by Ji Qiang, Luo Zhexi & Ji Shu-An.

>From the article:
[ Here we describe a new triconodont mammal from the Late Jurassic/
[ Early Cretaceous period of Liaoning, China. This new mammal is 
[ represented by the best-preserved skeleton known so far for triconodonts 
[ which form one of the earliest Mesozoic mammalian groups with high 
[ diversity. The postcranial skeleton of this new triconodont shows a mosaic 
[ of characters, including a primitive pelvic girdle and hindlimb but a very 
[ derived pectoral girdle that is closely comparable to those of derived 
[ therians. 
[ Holotype. GMV 2139 a, b, a nearly complete skeleton consisting of 
[ a partial skull and all of the postcranial skeleton preserved as two 
[ counterparts <SNIP>.