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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

Here is Mary's original note:

" Since the dinosaur scene in "Fantasia" was one of the defining (and very
scary) moments of my childhood, I wonder if the 2000 version will include
a dinosaur battle?

mkirkaldy@aol.com "

She was talking about "Fantasia 2000," not "Dinosaurs" unless I'm severely 

The response was in regard to Fantasia 2000 which, alas, has had the entire 
Stravinsky piece removed. Now it's possible
that they will put in only the dinosaur battle and leave the rest of "The Rite 
of Spring " out.
It is something to contemplate the ramifications of at any rate.


Larry Dunn wrote:

> --- Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette
> <dinosaur@dinosaur.org> wrote:
> > No.
> > Sorry.
> > They cut the dinosaurs out. Alas!
> >
> > There are whales however.
> >
> > Not quite the same, but apparently very, very
> > beautiful.
> Well, that's not exactly what Mary asked, is it?
> She wanted to know if there was a dinosaur *battle*
> set-piece.
> Now, I think it's safe to assume that there's a feeding
> event or maybe some intraspecific combat in a dinosaur
> movie, but hell and damnation man, why assume
> *anything* when frigging LEMURS are hand-feeding
> talking iquanodons in the Late Cretaceous Period?
> We all know lemurs didn't start adopting orphaned
> ornithischians until at *least* the Oligocene.
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