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Re: Help with an e-mail from Brazil

> Can anyone translate the following e-mail that we received from an
> educational center in Brazil?
> Gostaria de saber se voces posseum fotos do baby da familia dinossauros?
> Ficaria multo grata se voces enviasse.

        It is badly spelled from Portuguese. I think that "posseum" should be
"possuem" and "multo" should be "muito". Even so, I will translate for you

"I would like to know if you have fotos of the dinosaurs family baby" 
"I would be grateful if you could sent it to me"

Ok, ok... I know that is not quite clear the sense of "dinosaurs famaly
baby" but is not even clear in Portuguese either.

        Best regards, "com os melhores cumprimentos"

        Octávio Mateus

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