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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

In a message dated 3/25/99 12:33:22 AM Eastern Standard Time,
majestic_cheese@yahoo.com writes:
>  --- Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette 
>  > Uhhhh....
>  > Here is Mary's original note:
>  > " Since the dinosaur scene in "Fantasia" was one of
>  > the defining (and very scary) moments of my childhood, I wonder 
>  > if the 2000 version will include a dinosaur battle?
>  > She was talking about "Fantasia 2000," not "Dinosaurs" unless 
>  > I'm severely mistaken.
>  > 
>  > The response was in regard to Fantasia 2000 which,
>  > alas, has had the entire Stravinsky piece removed.
>  I'll see your uh and raise you an uh!

Gentlemen, there is no gambling, cussing or spitting allowed on the
dino list :-).

>  My uh is: "uh, there's a Fantasia 2000?"  I assumed she
>  was talking about "Dinosaurs" as the Y2k version of
>  Fantasia.  

The new "Fantasia 2000" will be released on 1/1/00.  Has anyone
seen the old version recently?  How does the dinosaur sequence 
hold up?