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Big dromaeosaurs, etc.

I am wondering about several large "sickle-clawed" dinosaurs.

First, has the Argentinean giant (which may not be a dromaeosaur at
all), _Megaraptor_, become any better known?  Have any bones been
discovered beyond the original arm and leg bones and the enormous toe
claw?  What animal (if any) might be considered a somewhat close

Second, has anything been published on the 20-foot-long "nearly complete
skeleton" of a dromaeosaur that Dr. Philip J. Currie viewed in the
office of Dr. Altangerel Perle in Mongolia in 1989?  What of the large
dromaeosaurs recovered from the Gobi by Mark Norell et al. since that
time?  Any description or name for either of these specimens yet?

Third, is there a name or description yet for the large Japanese
dromaeosaur which Dr. Yoichi Azuma showed Dr. Currie in 1991?  All I've
seen of it is the claw photograph in the unfortunate book, _Raptors! the
Nastiest Dinosaurs_, authored by Don (sorry, Brian) Lessem.

I suppose I would have read about these somewhere already if more had
been published, but I don't see the harm in asking.

Ralph W. Miller III  <gbabcock@best.com>

I know, I know: "All in good time..."