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Mwahahahahahaha!!! Therapsids appear on the list and a lone figure emerges
from the shadows to discuss the Synapsida... There is some good material of
gorgonopsid postcrania, but it is mostly pieces from different animals.
Putting things together and having the whole animal are very different
situations. Anyway, the skeleton appears to be a 100% complete skeleton of the
advanced gorgonopsid Rubidgea. Gorgonopsians have a terribly confused
taxonomic history, with many many many synonymous genera floating around out
there based on skulls. Unlike things such as ceratopsians and hadrosaurs, many
of the genera are not distinguished by really clear features in the skulls
either, so I am hoping that this postcranial material could be informative in
this area. Apparently gorgonopsians survived quite well right up to the end of
the Permian, and the greatest extinction of all time is an amazingly blurry
occurrence. The U  Washington site:
has some more extensive information on the find. 

"You get a lot of dirt with therocephalians, you get a lot of clean with Tide"

Christian Kammerer