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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

>Anyway, an Iguanadon
>>hatches from the egg and is brought up by a pack of lemurs on the island.
>....This has definitely set new
>>boundaries for animation.
>If not for accuracy!  Lemurs in the Cretaceous?  Are any of the dinosaurs
>carrying briefcases?  Wearing portable stereos?

I profoundly hope so, since one of your listmates, moi, has three full 
drafts invested in the  Only Accurate Version. (Why else is a novelist 
puzzling through 40 messages a night on this list??) I'm praying this is 
Bambi the Dinosaur, just as it sounds. Or more specifically, a big budget 
version of The Land Before Time. Only problem is, I came to this list to 
find out What Science Now Knows and I get Dinosaurs are birds! Birds are 
dinosaurs! Scavenger! Predator! Tastes Great! Less Filling! Oy, vey. :>

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