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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

In a message dated 3/25/99 10:14:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,
gl91bciiLt@earthlink.net writes:

<< Only problem is, I came to this list to 
 find out What Science Now Knows and I get Dinosaurs are birds! Birds are 
 dinosaurs! Scavenger! Predator! Tastes Great! Less Filling! Oy, vey. :> >>

Glad you haven't apparently been here for the study of sadistics, a scientific
classification scheme based on hypothetical ancestors with real characters,
which might, however, be convergence, which however do not define the groups
which are not really separate groups because they do necessarily share a
common ancestor somewhere in earth history, but instead are subgroups of each
other.  Then, we discuss which groups are sisters as opposed to what? cousins,
and broad groups such as reptiles which do not include dinosaurs as lizards,
but which definition has  expanded to hunt down and recapture dinosaurs and
maybe birds or maybe not, but it doesn't matter very much because birds are
vernacular anyway, and which is okay because there is still intense
disagreement about what a bird was back when it might or might not have been
the ancestor of birds.
I think we know too much, though the fossil record is bad, so we're not sure
we know anything, except maybe with statistics, because the fossils we do find
may be the animal equivalent of a weird uncle who lived in the attic, but we
do know he had feathers, except that the feathers may be little clumps of what
is it? cellulite?  something with or without 2 kinds of dna, anyway.
Okay?  Just wanted to bring you up to date.