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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

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 [Re: Fantasia]
 > > Scary stuff for a little boy, too! But for me only after several
 > > It grew on me. The devil on Bald Mountain was exquisite artistry by an 
 > > artist named Tytla. His genius came from his hands, not a computer.
 What the hell do we computer animators use -- our noses?
 Sorry about the off-topic post; I just get a little pissed off when people
 consider traditional animation somehow "nobler" than computer animation. 
 (Especially after spending two weeks painstakingly working on a fully
 articulated six-limbed creature -- the computer doesn't do all the work,

  It always surprises me how easy it is to inadvertently upset someone. I'm
sorry! I was only trying to praise the animators of the original _Fantasia_,
not to discredit modern computer animators--why would I want to do that? I
think that the artists involved with the original film did magnificent work
with the tools available to them--and many times received no credit. I don't
for a minute believe that traditional animation is "nobler"--here you are
putting words in my mouth. It IS different, however, and should be viewed as
  I am looking forward to seeing the Disney dinosaur film, especially for
what, I am sure, will be stunning work by the artists who have worked on that
project. Dan Varner.