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Re: FW: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

Mary wrote:
>The new "Fantasia 2000" will be released on 1/1/00.  Has anyone seen the old
>version recently?  How does the dinosaur sequence hold up?  

Well, it does seem sort of dated now, with all those tail-dragging, 
swamp-dwelling dinos, but on the other hand it's interesting how in
other ways it was before its time, showing the dinos caring for their
young and the languishing in the intense heat, which one can imagine
having been greenhouse effect volcano- or impact-induced. The biggest 
errors of course were the anachronisms (_T. rex_, _Stegosaurus_, 
a rhyncosaur, and _Dimetrodon_ all living together??) and the 
T. rex's "Godzilla" head and oversized, three-fingered arms.  But 
it's still a fun picture...

I wish they'd leave the original _Fantasia_ alone, if they want to
make a new one, make a new one and don't mix.

                                  -- Dave

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