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Re: 'bird' definitions

I'm sorry if this is a tad late on the subject but I've been off on a
rare vacation.

I want to suggest that goats are less well adapted for tree-climbing
than small ceratopians (being hoofed....not toed) and are about the same
size as Protoceratops.  Goats browse regularily in trees today.  

Were there any trees large enough to support a goat/sheep-sized dinosaur
in the ancient Mongolian area?  I understood that this was semi-arid

-Betty Cunningham

"Jaime A. Headden" wrote:
>   I don't know if anybody doubts that small
> "protoceratopian" ceratopians were arboreal; certainly
> it would seem that Microcephalosaurus, Bagaceratops, or
> Leptoceratops could scamper about in bush, tree, or
> rock (hyrax-morphs!) will ease and skill. These being
> more "primitive" than trikes would argue for a
> semi-arboreal origin for either the Ceratopia, or even
> the Marginocephalia
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